A Golden Opportunity

I’m tired of seeing great people struggle. I can’t even count how many passionate fitness professionals that I meet who are frustrated and overworked, yet still can’t seem to make enough to avoid living paycheck to paycheck. It doesn’t have to be like this, but it will take WORK!

The other day I mentioned on Facebook that I was working on a project that is going to help a lot of fitness professionals. Part of this project will allow me to offer monthly business coaching services to professionals that are trying to build their business/clientele. Today, I want announce that I am looking for 5 individuals that are ready for the opportunity to accelerate their growth and be part of a 6 week beta test program for online business coaching.

During this 6 week beta program, participants will receive:

  • Assessment of current state of business
  • Report of areas that could use improvement
  • Thorough explanation of the metrics of a fitness business
  • Best practices for getting more clients based on the specific business model
  • Weekly action items to be completed
  • Weekly 30 minute Skype strategy session

Please make no mistake; this will require a fair amount of work. Participants will be required to complete “homework” including submitting business related numbers and feedback regarding completion of action items on a regular basis. Do not apply if you are not willing to take ACTION to grow your business.

All members of the beta group will also receive a greatly discounted rate which they will have the opportunity to keep when the final product is released. The cost of this opportunity will be $159, and as mentioned above, be limited to 5 people to ensure the highest level of quality and attention. I should also mention that I feel strongly enough about this program that if you don’t at least increase your business enough to cover your $159 investment that I will gladly refund your money.

Here is what Tom Busby, owner of PHiT Fitness Club, had to say about one of our recent business coaching calls:

“I never had such a productive chat about business with anyone as much as I did yesterday with David. Thank you!”

When I followed up with Tom the following week he then informed me that he signed up 9 new members since our call!

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