DC-Training began as a way for individuals to experience fitness in a very logical, results-based way. It started with 1 on 1 personal training and grew into an educational experience. After many years of training clients and helping other fitness professionals attain higher levels of success, the decision was made to focus on education. Through DC-Training, David Crump shares his knowledge and passion for fitness with other professionals and enthusiasts with hope of driving the industry further towards client performance and satisfaction.

About David

David Crump is the owner of Spark Fitness and has been training in the Orlando area for about 8 years. His fitness industry experience includes personally coaching over 300 clients, corporate management, facility design and consultation, as well as continuing education presentations for other fitness professionals. He has been fortunate to train clients from all walks of life and with different levels of fitness. David’s passion for fitness and the fundamentals of program design have allowed him to develop a style that can work with anyone and extract the highest level of performance out of them. He considers himself an eternal student and is truly dedicated to taking the fitness industry to the next level.

David is currently pursuing his Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science at the University of Central Florida. He is a certified personal trainer through ACSM and NCSF, certified Hardstyle Kettlebell  Instructor (HKC) through Dragon Door, certified suspension trainer (STC) through TRX, and a certified combat strength and conditioning coach through JC Santana.