Fit Pro Testimonials

What Other Fitness Professionals Are Saying About David:

David Crump is a rising star in the fitness field. He’s on my very short list of professionals I highly recommend as reliable and valuable resources.

-Nick Tumminello, Performance University

“I am a true believer that the most successful people in the world look to others for coaching and guidance on a regular basis. I also think it’s important to have someone in your life who isn’t afraid to look at your business and force you to question the reasons why you do things a certain way. As a Co-owner of Gravity + Oxygen Fitness and a professional, Dave has been this person for me for quite some time now. I’d be hard pressed to find someone willing to be so invested in my success in growing not only my business, but me personally. Dave has become and integral part of the G+O Fitness Team and I will continue to refer businesses and individuals to work with Dave. He is the real deal. ”

-Joe Drake, Gravity And Oxygen Fitness

“Over the years I have met many fitness professionals, but few as well-rounded as David. Not only is he a skilled coach but he has a true gift for helping other professionals turn their passion into their livelihood. Every time we connect, I gain invaluable knowledge and insights that enhance my business. Plain and simple, David Crump understands what it takes to excel in the fitness industry.”

-Kellen Milad, Movement Out Of The Box

“David Crump is a fitness-professional with unsurpassed talent, passion and aptitude. His attention to detail enables his clients to focus on every aspect of fitness from body mechanics to program design, making sure that every client he encounters gets a unique experience designed specifically with their goals in mind. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to work with Dave for six months. In that time, he taught me more exercises, theories, safety precautions, and progressions than I had learned over the course of 4 years at a University acquiring a degree in Exercise Science. I was able to not only watch him transform countless clients but he also helped me to achieve personal goals I never thought possible.  

I have watched Dave’s amazing attitude and resolve rub off on numerous individuals, not only influencing great progress in clients but also encouraging other trainers, including myself, to be better. One of Dave’s greatest qualities is his thirst for knowledge and his determination to be great.  I am beyond thankful to have had him as my mentor and I honestly believe that he is the best at what he does”. 

-Kristin Jesse M.S. Exercise Science

“Dave and I have known each other and worked together for probably at least 4 years or more. I can honestly say that of all the trainers I have known in my eight plus years of personal training, he is one of the most knowledgeable trainers I have ever met. His view on personal training is one of passion and he has a desire to improve not only his knowledge, but that of others around him. Not only that, he is a good guy and I am glad to have had the opportunity to work with him and hopefully we will continue a long term professional relationship into the future.”

-Rodney L. Shepherd NCSF CPT

“From the first moment I encountered David I knew it would be a good experience for my staff. His charismatic and friendly demeanor won them over, and believe me, a room full of college students attending Saturday morning training is not an easy crowd!

His passion for fitness is best demonstrated through his abundance of knowledge and ability to communicate his understanding of exercise and business principles to others. I have attended many professional conferences and by far David’s ability as a presenter is comparable to some of the best. He is truly inspiring!”

-Erin Stevens CPT MS Exercise Physiology