Why Having 50 Bosses Is Better Than 1

Whenever one of my non-fitness friends tells me about how tough work is and how demanding their job and boss can be, I often respond by saying that “If you think having one boss is hard, try having 50”! Usually this is followed by a brief pause and then a couple laughs, but this is truly the way I view my position as a personal trainer and business owner and I have no doubt that it has been a critical part of my success.

While I do not personally train all 50 (give or take 1-2) clients at my studio, I am 100% responsible for them. That means that if they succeed, then I succeed. If they struggle, then I struggle. My job is to create an experience that allows them to reach their goals while still enjoying the process and I take that very seriously. Running through the motions is not acceptable; I am accountable to 50 people and my actions determine their outcome.

It’s easy to forget that as personal trainers, we are in the service industry. With all the focus on being up to date with the latest research and trying to be “the expert” we tend to forget a key point; we need our clients just as much as they need us. As I walk through my gym I realize that all of what I have is because of the clients that have allowed me to work with them. Who really needs who, here?

Each individual we train has a unique story and set of needs and desires. When we tap into those things we become more than just a “trainer”, but rather an indispensable confidant and assistant to accomplishment. The reward is shared success and it certainly can’t be measured by something as arbitrary as dollars. It’s called personal training for a reason and I don’t believe that’s due to the environment it is conducted in, but rather what we get out of it.

When I think about how challenging it is to have 50 bosses and what it is has made me become, I can’t help but wonder would I could accomplish with 75 or 100…